We originally owned a petting zoo in Clacton between 2009 and 2015. The ‘Things to do in’ idea came about when I asked all customers who attended how they heard about it as we wanted to know which form of advertising was working the best. I found that customers had seen the board outside, previously attended the zoo, were local residents or the zoo had been recommended to customers. Over the years, the majority of customers said they had found it on the internet.

The Zoo monitored this feedback for three years! During this time we tried local radio adverts and maps around the town but neither of these options seemed to work.

At the beginning of 2014 we started asking all customers who said they have found the zoo via the internet if they could remember their search terms and to our surprise, around 90% of customers would say they typed in ‘things to do in Clacton’. We decided to investigate. When I did this for myself, I found that we were on Google and TripAdvisor under the categories of days out or children’s activities.

There wasn’t a ‘things to do in Clacton’ website so I thought it was a fantastic idea and we decided to buy the domain which then led to branching out to multiple locations across the UK.

The original idea was to start out as an attraction based business however due to rapid success, Things to do in has evolved into an online business advertising directory with the main reason being they had over one hundred and thirty page one Google search terms just in Clacton alone!

Things to do in want to offer customers a one stop shop for online advertising at a very affordable rate as well as a link to their website, a purpose built microsite including a Google map and regular updates of businesses on Things to do in social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from having thousands of businesses on Things to do in, we also have thousands of unique visitors per week to the sites. My whole team believe it’s a win win situation!

Whats on in Frinton


Frinton beach is totally free of charge and gives plenty of fun for all the family! Situated next to the pier, the beach is the perfect place to spend a few hours sharing some quality time with your loved ones during the summer season.

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Things To Do In Frinton

There are plenty of things to do in Frinton just take a look at some of our categories. If you want to eat at a nice restaurant or get some great takeaway grub, no problem, check out our eating out section. If your looking for things to do with the kids then check out our kids fun section, Walton Pier is just down the road as well. If your looking to go for a pint with some friends or family then check out our pubs section. It's hard to find things to do sometimes, so we have made it easier for you! When it comes to keeping yourself and the family entertained in and around the Frinton and Essex area then look no further than Things To Do In Frinton. If you don't know what you want to do in Frinton then just have a browse of our A-Z directory and maybe something interesting will catch your eye.

Frinton Shopping

Frinton has been thriving for the last 100 years with restaurants, pubs, boutiques and all sorts just popping up all over the place. Connaught Avenue is well known for having some of the best shopping around. With so many privately owned shops, you just never know what your going to find down that road. You name it, I'm sure Frinton will have it. From appliances all the way down to cutlery, from beds and linen all the way down to shoes and their laces. Since Frinton is right on the coast, we definitely recommend hitting up one of their seafood spots for some of the freshest tasting seafood in the area! So take your time when shopping here because we don't want you to miss any hidden treasures that you might come across.

About Frinton on Sea

Frinton is a small sea side town located just 2 miles from Walton on the Naze. Until Victorian times Frinton was made up of just one church, a handful of cottages and a few farms. In the 1890's, things changed substantially when Peter Bruff, the original developer of the town was brought out by R Powell Cooper. Mr Powell had different plans and threw out Bruff's plans for a pier and laid out a golf course. In the very first half of the 1900's Frinton was known as the Bond Street of East Anglia and the town was attracting people from the high end of society. With its lovely beaches, shopping area Connaught Avenue which was named after The Duke Of Connaught and palm trees, Frinton just seemed to thrive and continued to thrive for the next 100 years. Jumping forward now to 2008 where the BBC actually visited to record a documentary called 'Save The Gates' which must have done well since the gates were saved and just replaced with more modern technology in early 2009. Now Frinton is a gorgeous little town known for its sandy beaches, brilliant shopping locations down Connaught and fine restaurants, it continues to grow and expand.