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Whats on in Frinton


Frinton beach is totally free of charge and gives plenty of fun for all the family! Situated next to the pier, the beach is the perfect place to spend a few hours sharing some quality time with your loved ones during the summer season.

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Things to do in Frinton

When it comes to keeping yourself and the family entertained in and around the Frinton, Essex area then look no further than things to do in Frinton. Frinton is a seaside town with loads and loads of things to do. Whether you are looking to grab a bite to eat down by the beach, keep the kids entertained, find a place to stay or maybe even move into the Frinton area then Things to do in Frinton is the perfect site for you.

Frinton Shopping

Frinton has long been a popular destination for tourists looking to make the most of the British sun. Frinton is home to restaurants, takeaways, hotels, travel agents, estate agents and much much more. Things to do in Frinton are proud to showcase all what is best about Frinton. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need any help.

About Frinton on Sea

Frinton is a small sea side town located just 2 miles from Walton on the Naze. There are rumours that Frinton actually had  another village but it was washed away sometime in the 14th century.  Until Victorian times Frinton was just one soletry church, a few farms and handful of small cottages. Things changed in the 1890's when Peter Bruff, the original developer of the town was brought out by R Powell Cooper. Mr Powell had already laid a golf course and had thrown out Bruffs plans for a pier. In the very first half of the 1900's the town attracted people from high society. Frinton was the place to be seen for the well to do, with its lido, palm trees and shopping area Connaught Avenue, named after the Duke of Connaught, it was known as East Anglias Bond Street. In the next 100 years Frinton carried on growning and in 2008 the BBC visited Frinton to make a documentry called "Save the Gates". Early morning on Saturaday 19th April 2009 the old wooden gates were replaced by remotely operated barriers. This was not popular and happened dispite a three year campaign by the residents. Now Frinton is a gorgeous little town known for its sandy beaches and fine restaurants and continues to grow and expand. If you want to find out more about frinton click here